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Noam Chomsky on Propaganda

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The point of public relations slogans like “Support our troops” is that they don’t mean anything. They mean as much as whether you support the people in Iowa. Of course, there was an issue. The issue was, Do you support our policy? But you don’t want people to think about that issue. That’s the whole point of propaganda. You want to create a slogan that nobody’s going to be against, and everybody’s going to be for. Nobody knows what it means, because it doesn’t mean anything. Its crucial value is that it diverts your attention from a question that does mean something.

“Barkeep, Another Round of Corruption…”

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The ol’ guvna from Illinois got ’emself inta trouble, din’ne?

If you ask me, the entire debacle is hysterical. So, the guy wanted to make a few extra bucks selling seats? Isn’t the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last. But were the American people to be honest with themselves, they would admit to their being aware that most elected officials paid someone off to get where they were. A public official here, a lobbyist there, the American populace everywhere.  

None of this is to diminish the ethical depravity of the situation. Heaven forbid! Rather, I wish only to put it into context. 

Let’s take a deep breathe, put on our thinking caps, and really reflect upon events that have riddled those currently decrying the governor. Why not peek into the closet of those who want to “get to the bottom of it”? Well, I presume peeking into a closet isn’t at all necessary when these things are in public view… at any rate, here are three biggies. Add more if you wish.

  • Washington is paying out ungodly amounts of taxpayer dollars to corporate goons who ought to be given a comfy bed right next to Bubba in the toughest of the roughest prisons.
  • Washington lawmakers tucked lemon drops and lollipops in the “rescue package” to reward them for their unceasing, heartless pillaging of Johnny Q. and Sally Sue Public.
  • Washington, in cahoots with Big Pharma, is doping up our war-torn troops, responding to problems like Schizophrenia, Post-Traumatic Stress disorder, and Manic-Depression as coherently as one who would prescribe a Band-Aid to a soldier who just got his arm blown off.

I would be horrifically insincere were I not to admit to the fact that I crack a bit of a smile whenever I hear of corrupt men and women being brought before the people for a good stoning of public opinion. Too bad most of the people hurling stones have so much blood on their hands. Too bad the media focuses so much attention on the spec without first focusing on the plank. Too bad, too bad, too bad all around.

When Conservatives Hate the Troops

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A fictitious conversation between a conservative politician and I over the issue of healthcare:

Paleo: Sir, do you support the troops?

CP: Of course I love the troops. They are some of the best and brightest America has to offer. These brave men and women embody what it means to be loyal, to sacrifice, and to love one’s country. They are fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, they are real American heroes.

Paleo: Alright. Now, you know as well as I do that many of these real American heroes end up in war, and war is a messy thing. Unfortunately, many making it through the fog do so with injuries, whether they be physical, psychological, or even emotional…

CP: Of course. I have been to Iraq. I have been to Afghanistan. I have been to medical facilities around the world where our troops are being cared for. I have listened to their stories, and as a congressman I have promised to honor their sacrifice and commitment to liberty and freedom, both here and abroad.

Paleo: Well, it is interesting that you mention that. It actually touches on what I wanted to talk to you about. As you are well aware, many of these troops incur physical injuries that leave them  temporarily or even permanently disabled. And if they aren’t coming home with physical wounds, many are returning with service connected psychological disability. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bi-polar, anxiety and panic disprders, you name it. These are rampant!

CP: I am very aware of this problem. It pains me to see the extent of these ailments This is one of the many reasons I fight so hard for increasing funding for the Veterans Affairs. Their services are invaluable to the men and women who have served this country.

Paleo: Do you believe that the VA is providing top-notch health care?

CP: Absolutely. But I think that we as a nation have an obligation to continue assuring them this care. I have a consistent voting record to increase funding to the VA.

Paleo: So it is your position that the VA is providing top of the line health care?

CP: Yes.

Paleo: Is it as good as the type of health care provided to men and women who haven’t joined the military?

CP: Yes. The technology is state of the art, and the care they receive from the staff is very good.

Paleo: So you think that a single-payer system of socialized medicine provides health care that is just as good or even better than the private for-profit system?

CP: Um, well no. America’s health system is the best in the world, and it is the best in the world because it is a private system that relies upon competition.

Paleo: But you just said that the taxpayer-funded, socialized health care system known as the VA is top of the line, that their technology was state of the art, and that they provide excellent patient care.

CP: Yes.

Paleo: Then why did you backpedal by immediately declaring that very same system and the care it provides to be inferior to privately owned, for-profit health care facilities?

CP: The VA provides great services for our brave men and women…

Paleo: Yeah, yeah, I got that part. But it is inferior to the kind of health care that civilians receive in private, for-profit facilities.

CP: I never said that.

Paleo: Sure you did. Now, given that you believe private, for-profit health care is superior to the taxpayer funded socialized medicine of the VA, will you now fight for the complete privatization or abolition of the VA?


Paleo: Where is the answer to that in your playbook, sir?

Option 1:

  • If you believe that socialized medicine in evil.
  • If you believe that it provides inferior services over against private, for-profit providers.
  • If you want veterans to get the best care possible.
  • Then you will fight tooth-and-nail to completely privatize the VA.

Option 2:

  • If you believe the VA is providing the best possible care for veterans.
  • If you don’t wish civilians to be covered under a similar system.
  • Then you don’t mind civilians receiving inferior care for no other reason that their not having decided to join the armed forces.

If “They” Are the Enemy, Call Me a “Sympathizer.”

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Iraqi Children Caught in the Fog of War

Iraqi Children Caught in the Fog of War

Block your ears from the cries of mothers and children seeing streets streaming with the blood of their loved ones. Force yourself to ignore the screams of anguish from the elderly who watch their dreams breathe their last breath. Continue to convince yourself that all is well so long as it is happening to those people over there. Better “over there” to “those people” than “over here” to “us,” right?

The Great Commission has devolved into a crusade for secular democracy. Worst of all may be that many have forgetten that these two are not one and the same. But never mind the inherent conflict between this crusade and the reality of Original Sin. Push aside all questions about means and ends. Such serious considerations tends to confuse simple masses and inevitably muddles up what the rulers see as a crystal clear mandate

Plowshares are hammered into swords. Religious leaders bless the lambs of their fold as they trade in their fleece for the coarse hair of of the pack they wish to join. But little Johnny-Q and Sally Sue look so strong, so brave… so American.

Close your eyes, bid them farewell, and praise Caesar for his benevolence. Refuse to second guess, repudiate all reason, and deem repugnant any and all who call for the return of Johnny-Q and Sally Sue, who pray for casting off of military garb, who envision the day when swords are turned into plowshares, and who dare to shed a tear for the lives and dreams lost in the fog of war… especially if it is one of them over there.

PALEO RADIO: U.S. Caught Spying on Iraq

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