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Sacrificing Bits of Babies to the God of American “Civil” Religion

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By Antipelagian

Here is a link to a previous video You Tube took down.

Molechism is alive and well in America…and it thrives in our churches as well. The greatest repulsion, to many of us,  is not that abortion is still going on, rather, that people have the audacity to keep talking about it.

When the sheer ugliness of the concept is shown, proponents want to cover it up. Those who revel in the “freedom” infanticide delivers hate to be conftronted with the reality of what it actually is: infanticide.

 If freedom is your god, and the sacrifice is the unborn, I that is the sacrament of Freedom…how does Freedom taste? 


Written by antipelagian

January 11, 2009 at 10:02 pm

Joe the Plumber Violated by Hyphenated Bureaucrat

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By Antipelagian
Dec. 18, 2008 

Joe the Plumber (aka Sam “Joe” Wurzelbacher) will be etched in the memory of Americans for roughly 9 more minutes. I will remember a bit longer since I hail from the same town in Northwest Ohio that Joe the Plumber calls his abode.

 On the one hand, we saw McCain/Palin capitalize on the little guy taking on Barack Obama. On the other, we saw “the political machine” in action, making certain to air Joe Wurzelbacher’s confidential records before the nation in an attempt to discredit him.

I’m not terribly interested in what Joe said to Obama, and I’m not terribly interested in how the McCain/Palin campaign tried legitimizing themselves with Joe’s story.

I am interested, however, in how the state of Ohio has dealt with this situation. Joe’s confidential records were accessed by the Toledo Police Department upon request of the media. The program accessed is called LEADS, and is only to be used under strict guidelines:

Data accessed through LEADS, NCIC, NLETS and other intra-state systems is restricted to the use of duly authorized law enforcement and/or criminal justice agencies and is not to be sold, transmitted or disseminated to any non-law enforcement agency, non-criminal justice agency or unauthorized person.

Taken from Maggie Thurber’s blog

Not only was LEADS accessed illegally in Toledo, but Jones-Kelly, director of the Department of Job and Family Services in Dayton, worked with the Obama campaign in a number of ways including raising funds for Obama and using tax-payer supported time to do so. Besides this, she authorized access of Wurzelbacher’s confidential records to find “dirty” laundry:

She later disclosed that state computers also were used to conduct checks to determine if Wurzelbacher was receiving welfare assistance or owed unemployment compensation taxes.


state child-support computers were checked for potential information on Wurzelbacher…

Taken from The Columbus Dispatch.

Now why bring up old items, I mean, the campaign is over after all. Sure. But shouldn’t we be alarmed at how people can be destroyed when it suits the political interests of whoever has access to private information? It pisses me off!

Governor Strickland didn’t fire Jones-Kelley for either of these misuses of the State’s resources. I can understand that with the emails, but violating the rights of an Ohioan???? She got a slap on the wrist. To make things even worse, she resigned from her position while using a ploy to look like a martyr:

“…It is with sadness and clarity that I have decided to resign my position as director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. The decision comes after having a time of pause, in which I realize that I continue to be used as a political postscript, providing a distraction from urgent state priorities.

Taken from her resignation letter found here.

Yes Helen, you certainly took the high ground. You’re only interested in urgent state priorities, which is why you campaigned for a Federal election during State time.  It’s unfortunate that your illegal activities which included violating the rights of a citizen of the STATE of Ohio is being used for political points…after all, the violation of Joe Wurzelbacher’s rights was supposed to garner political points for Obama, not backfire on you! Somebody call me a whaaaambulance!

Written by antipelagian

December 18, 2008 at 2:21 am

McCain: King “Absent” of the Hill?

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The echo chambers continue to rattle with unfounded remarks about both candidates, but one curious bit of blabber that caught my attention was about Senator Obama. The rumor mill has it that his attendance in the Senate was one stop short of dismal. This may be true, and I am not here to defend one side over against another. On the other hand, I am here to shine light on the tricks of the political charade.

Let’s play it by the numbers:

  1. McCain has left his senate chair vacant for vast amounts of time since he began campaigning. At one point he had allowed it to remain idle for over five weeks.
  2. McCain recently surpassed North Dakota Senator Tim Johnson (D) as the senator with the highest level of absence. The difference being that Senator Johnson had a pretty decent excuse: he had a brain hemorrhage.
  3. McCain’s absentee streak has also placed him in a position of honor amongst those who failed to vote this past session. In fact, he is the new King of the Hill.

Now let me make a personal admission. I happen to be of those persuaded that it is both predictable and acceptable for any and all running for the Oval Office to grant themselves a season of absence from their typical duties. The issue here, though, is with the misleading tactics employed by talking-heads and their brothers from a different mother over at Fox News. Actually, if I may be so brave, it is with those who latch on to what these hucksters have to say, never considering for even a moment what lies beneath the surface of arguments sounding too good to be true..

O, tempora! O, mores!

Paleo Radio Back On-Air

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Paleo Radio will air every Monday and Friday from 1700-1900. You can listen to it LIVE by visiting I may also be posting clips from the program on YouTube. This has yet to be decided upon. More updates as decisions are made.

Questions from Readers

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McCain chooses Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for VP

McCain chooses Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for VP

Q: Are you voting for Barack Obama?

A: I haven’t decided who I will be voting for. I believe that there is a case that can be made for voting Obama-Biden, but that’s a far cry from saying I will vote for him. The issue, as far as I am concerned, is one of fairness. If a candidate is worthy of criticism, then be critical. If the candidate holds a position you like, give him honor and acclamation. In any instance, be fair.

Q: Why haven’t you endorsed Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin?

A: I’m not sure I won’t endorse him. While I agree with the majority of his platform, I am hesitant to cast my vote to the wind. This isn’t to say that voting third party is worthless. As far as I am concerned, it simply misses the objective of a “dissenting” vote, which would be the only reason for my choosing to vote for a third party. The idea is to get the attention of the candidate, or candidates, who would have otherwise had my vote. But with the 2004 CP candidate coming in with around the same number of votes as Joliet, Illinois, has people, then it’s makes grabbing attention rather difficult.

Q: What do you think about McCain’s VP pick?

A: Aside from being quite attractive, I am not sure. I received the talking points, but I don’t dare spout them off without giving them a critical examination. Still, I must admit that I haven’t had my phone ring so much in a long time. All my McCain friends are ecstatic that he chose a conservative woman. What they ignore is the constitutional function of the Vice President, the fact that this decision was probably made to satisfy those “I won’t vote for a liberal like McCain” conservatives who have a serious problem of wetting themselves when being thrown a bone, and that his choice of a woman was more than likely contingent upon Barak’s not choosing Hillary. Had Hillary been Barack’s side-kick, then we would be seeing a McCain-Ridge or McCain-Romney ticket.

Q: Who do you think you’ll be endorsing?

A. I haven’t made up my mind. I’m not even sure whether or not I will make my endorsement public. I may just make “the case” for a number of candidates and let folks run with it. It may boil down to making a case for abstention. The only thing I am confident of is that whatever decision I do make will result in a flurry of emails and phone calls from people who think I’m out of my mind. Lord help me…