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If “They” Are the Enemy, Call Me a “Sympathizer.”

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Iraqi Children Caught in the Fog of War

Iraqi Children Caught in the Fog of War

Block your ears from the cries of mothers and children seeing streets streaming with the blood of their loved ones. Force yourself to ignore the screams of anguish from the elderly who watch their dreams breathe their last breath. Continue to convince yourself that all is well so long as it is happening to those people over there. Better “over there” to “those people” than “over here” to “us,” right?

The Great Commission has devolved into a crusade for secular democracy. Worst of all may be that many have forgetten that these two are not one and the same. But never mind the inherent conflict between this crusade and the reality of Original Sin. Push aside all questions about means and ends. Such serious considerations tends to confuse simple masses and inevitably muddles up what the rulers see as a crystal clear mandate

Plowshares are hammered into swords. Religious leaders bless the lambs of their fold as they trade in their fleece for the coarse hair of of the pack they wish to join. But little Johnny-Q and Sally Sue look so strong, so brave… so American.

Close your eyes, bid them farewell, and praise Caesar for his benevolence. Refuse to second guess, repudiate all reason, and deem repugnant any and all who call for the return of Johnny-Q and Sally Sue, who pray for casting off of military garb, who envision the day when swords are turned into plowshares, and who dare to shed a tear for the lives and dreams lost in the fog of war… especially if it is one of them over there.