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Oh Yes, Economic Insanity! That’ll do!

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Written by Paleocrat
Jan. 4, 2009 

“It was the mystical dogma of Bentham and Adam Smith and the rest, that some of the worst of human passions would turn out to be all for the best. It was the mysterious doctrine that selfishness would do the work of unselfishness.”
GK Chesterton

The day and age of prudence and sanity is long gone, if in fact it ever did exist. We live in a time where money gurus babble on about how the most radical deregulation will mysteriously perform the functions of regulation, how an absolutely unfettered economy will bring about order, and how “the virtue of selfishness” (as Madame Rand was fond of calling it) would result in nothing short of the economic Utopia finding its home in the wildest fantasies of men like Mises and Bastiat. To be quite frank, the entire ordeal is a tad bit overwhelming for those who, like me, have a sensitive gag reflex. 

I wish these were the musings of a madman who hasn’t the slightest clue of things as they really are, the ravings of things far-fetched. Unfortunately, one has only to fetch the remote. Market mystics are commonplace, and like a bad case of herpes they show up in predictable places at just the worst times. Hucksters in tight suits and cheap cologne spouting off what Betty Crocker would consider a sure recipe for economic disaster. 

The problem isn’t so much their being large in number as it is that they are professional ear-tickerls! They know the game, and they play it like champs. The masses are assured that if they just allow their cookies to crumble, then even bigger, better tasting cookie will appear from the heaped remains they let tumble to the floor. 

It all sounds so simple! It sounds almost too good to be true. Like a good, old fashion pyramid scheme or bottle of snake oil. If only its this bit of irony was any bit ironic.

To imagine that we haven’t overcome our susceptibility to the charlatans of old. We should know better by now. Then again, there must be a reason why the adage “we never learn from history” has stood the test of time. If only there were a generation that had the kind of moral resolve and intellectual fortitude to put that precedent to rest. If only…

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“Barkeep, Another Round of Corruption…”

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The ol’ guvna from Illinois got ’emself inta trouble, din’ne?

If you ask me, the entire debacle is hysterical. So, the guy wanted to make a few extra bucks selling seats? Isn’t the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last. But were the American people to be honest with themselves, they would admit to their being aware that most elected officials paid someone off to get where they were. A public official here, a lobbyist there, the American populace everywhere.  

None of this is to diminish the ethical depravity of the situation. Heaven forbid! Rather, I wish only to put it into context. 

Let’s take a deep breathe, put on our thinking caps, and really reflect upon events that have riddled those currently decrying the governor. Why not peek into the closet of those who want to “get to the bottom of it”? Well, I presume peeking into a closet isn’t at all necessary when these things are in public view… at any rate, here are three biggies. Add more if you wish.

  • Washington is paying out ungodly amounts of taxpayer dollars to corporate goons who ought to be given a comfy bed right next to Bubba in the toughest of the roughest prisons.
  • Washington lawmakers tucked lemon drops and lollipops in the “rescue package” to reward them for their unceasing, heartless pillaging of Johnny Q. and Sally Sue Public.
  • Washington, in cahoots with Big Pharma, is doping up our war-torn troops, responding to problems like Schizophrenia, Post-Traumatic Stress disorder, and Manic-Depression as coherently as one who would prescribe a Band-Aid to a soldier who just got his arm blown off.

I would be horrifically insincere were I not to admit to the fact that I crack a bit of a smile whenever I hear of corrupt men and women being brought before the people for a good stoning of public opinion. Too bad most of the people hurling stones have so much blood on their hands. Too bad the media focuses so much attention on the spec without first focusing on the plank. Too bad, too bad, too bad all around.