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Open Call for Contributors and Correspondents

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The Paleocrat Tribune would like to welcome two new members. Well… not really.  Mary Arend (i.e. Velleitaire: French for “indecisive”) is the producer/director of Paleo Radio, and Angela Bannister (i.e. Aleebannister) just so happens to be my wife. Not too new after all…

As much as I would love to chalk this up as a decision based purely on need for their skills, the truth is that the site needed better looking contributors. I mean, I wasn’t beat with an ugly stick on my into existence, but I have a slight deficiency in the looks department.

All in all, I think the decision was brilliant.

NOTE: We are looking for any other Distributist, Corporatist,  Catholic Solidarists or Paleoconservative who is interested in contributing to this site, to Paleo Radio, or even both. If working with us is something you would consider, send an e-mail to Include your name, church of attendance, and a brief bio. Make sure to include a basic description of your positions on matters concerning religion, culture, politics, and economics.

Written by Paleocrat

December 9, 2008 at 2:15 pm