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It is both an honor and a privilege to announce the addition of Antipelagian to the growing list of arm-chair theorists and professional goons that we here at the Tribune refer to as “contributors.” His excellent writing, sharp wit, to-the-point argumentation, and self-deprecating humor make him just the kind of geek loony enough to jump aboard this crazy train. 

*murmur: He must have lost his mind back in Detroit. Trashy waitresses, grease burns on bare bellies, High Life with breakfast… yeah, he must have lost his mind back in Detroit. Poor guy…*

Here is an old Paleo Radio clip where Anti and I talk about YouTube atheists inability to deal with the Transcendental Argument for the Existence of God (TAG). For more material on this particular subject, visit  Antipelagian’s YouTube or my atheism playlist

Written by Paleocrat

December 17, 2008 at 11:47 am