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  1. “I have always thought the word liberalism had a rather pleasant ring to it.”
    I think it’s because ‘liberal’ is an old english Bible word. In Isaiah, The vile shall no more be called liberal. This sounds alot like our own modern time to me. It’s my view that many who call themselves liberal are not, but are only
    ‘the synagogue of the Libertines.(Acts 7).

    I think Belloc wrote something about Suarez advocating a democratic system, or a thing much like it. My apologies for not having direct quotes. It was in his ‘Essays of a Catholic.’

    Ironically, the phrase ‘liberal distribution’ appears in the old king James Bible, 2 Corinthians.
    Leo XIII. Biblically correct again.
    I’m actually new to his work. And I’m a baptized and confirmed Catholic.
    Sorry for such a late response.


    January 12, 2009 at 1:21 am

  2. […] One difficulty facing those who take a borderline libertarian view of subsidiarity is that doing so fails to take into into account what encyclicals have said concerning the state, its proper role and functions, and particularly its rightful involvement in the market. This, as I have contended elsewhere, results in allowing the distributist tail to wag the CST dog. […]

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