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DISCLAIMER: We are sorry if this post in any way offends those who celebrate Kwanzaa. Thankfully, we highly doubt any of the 13 people on this planet who celebrate  this holiday will actually read this post.

A. Kwanzaa is not an African holiday.

B. Kwanzaa was invented by a convicted rapist.

C. Kwanzaa was tied to the Black Nationalist movement.

D. Kwanzaa is blatantly Marxist.

E. Kwanzaa is fraudulent to the core.

F. Kwanaa is  bad news for black Christians.

G. This guy and this guy hate Kwanzaa.


Economic Eugenics

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By Paleocrat
Dec. 27, 2008

Miss American Pie bids farewell to the Working Class Jack as companies downsize, outsource, and offshore those jobs once proudly (and efficiently) done by American men and women.

This once great nation of producers has run out of steam somewhere between Pauperism and the ghost town of the eternal Proletariat. Our microchips are now potato chips, while our manufactured goods have been traded in for Big Macs.

All the while our politicians and economists, market mystics through and through,  whistle away the day, trusting  that their prophecies of a glorious era ushered in by classical liberalism will come to pass. They can only cross their fingers in hope that the increasing amount of evidence against them is nothing more than a mirage or mere bump in the road to Utopia.

It is rather unfortunate that these mirages, these mere bumps in the road, happen to be known by neighbor and foreigner alike as American citizens. The young, the poor, and those without a college education, these are hit the worst. But so be it! Survival of the richest is the way of the day, and economic eugenics is en vogue.

In days gone by, young Americans performed these jobs. They did for years. Many of them treated these jobs as stepping stones to something better. Some found them to took them as career-worthy vocations. While many of these jobs may be tedious and redundant, they didn’t look half bad on a resume. And with wages superior to Taco Bell, these young ones were able to save up for a home, a higher education, or even retirement.

Tough luck, kiddos. These jobs are going the way of the dinosaur, and their tales will only be told by those begin their sentences with “back in the day.”

Then there are those “down and outs,” the American poor. These men and women are hit especially hard. Many of these people are willing to work long hours on a line, if for no other reasons than paying the bills and supplying basic needs for them and their children.

While these jobs don’t require the skill level of a doctor or a lawyer, they meet many people right where they are. Truth be told, not everyone has the skill level of a doctor or lawyer. And many of these Americans have no ability or opportunity to further their eduction. All they want is some food, clothing, shelter, and enough money to make sure the bills get paid.

Sorry, folks, the rich and famous care little about you. Out of mind, and definitely out of sight, save for the burdensome fly-by during an election year or photo shoot. Place your bets on the lottery. The odds are in its favor on this one.

Take as another example the rest of those without a great deal of formal education. Jobs of this nature were a way to feel the pride that accompanies work and private ownership. And this could be done without having a degree (or even diploma) on the wall. They may have gotten married right out of high school. Maybe there were difficulties they were unable to overcome in a high school or college setting. They may have come from a family without sufficient funds to send them to college. Maybe they simply wanted to dodge the bullet of student loans that so many of their peers spend years trying to pay off. Whatever the case may be, they had their reasons, good or bad, and now their hopes have been dashed to pieces by belligerent ideologues and fideistic advocates of the Austrian school.

And let us not forget the elderly. While I failed to mention them at the beginning of this piece, it would be foolish to ignore the impact downsizing, offshoring, and outsourcing has on many of them.

This age group has really hit hard times. Social Security just isn’t what it used to be. Health risks continually increase, adequate insurance becomes harder to find, and the money simply isn’t there. In many cases it is nothing other than the death of a loved one, leaving them with less money and mess of bills.

Unfortunately, many of these people find themselves back on the line, working tough hours. That is, if they haven’t found a comfortable place as a Walmart greeter or McDonald’s cashier. Any way we go with the scenario, it feels like a lose-lose to those who’ve already lived a life of hard work.

The young, the poor, the less educated, and the elderly. Each of these lack the fitness needed to survive the rough ad tumble of a global economy. So let them rot in the cesspool of a service economy.

This wouldn’t be so sick were it not for the fact that market mystics treat the situation as inevitable, as a sort of social determinism or economic fatalism. These people were just dealt a rough hand. Better luck next time, right?

Lost livelihoods are nothing more than collateral damage in the cut-throat pursuit of efficiency (i.e. the cheapest labor the world has to offer) and never-ending capital surplus. It’s only too bad that the financial fanatics and their political tools have such a difficult time putting a name, a face, and a sense of personhood with the laborers they are tossing to the wind.

Or maybe I am giving them too much credit? Maybe they know, but simply don’t care…

Noam Chomsky on Propaganda

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The point of public relations slogans like “Support our troops” is that they don’t mean anything. They mean as much as whether you support the people in Iowa. Of course, there was an issue. The issue was, Do you support our policy? But you don’t want people to think about that issue. That’s the whole point of propaganda. You want to create a slogan that nobody’s going to be against, and everybody’s going to be for. Nobody knows what it means, because it doesn’t mean anything. Its crucial value is that it diverts your attention from a question that does mean something.

I’d Like Some Unbelief With a Side of Sweat

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hitchens2By Antipelagian
Dec. 22, 2008

Christians are often scoffed at for their “fideistic” approach to origins. It is said that they rely on Sunday School faith spoon-fed from generation to generation (I wish Christians were multi-generational. The notion of covenant succession has evaporated in the last century or so)…after all, there’s nothing more silly than believing that a world of cause and effect should need an initial cause in the first place. Christians, we are told, argue for the existence of God based on their own misappropriation of biology and neuroscience, to name a couple of examples. Christians supplant “viable evidence” with their ignorance. Essentially, it’s the whole “God of the gaps” scenario. What hapless, ignorant Christians are unable to understand, they replace with unicorns. 

Apparently we don’t measure up to Atheistic Materialism’s standard (a standard taken forgranted and accepted as “self-evident”…don’t bother asking anyone to define self-evident. If an Atheist has to present a well thought-out metaphysic that makes such a term meaningful, it sucks all the joy out of their faith). Having never presented a coherent worldview, they go on to assert that their conclusions are the result of the scientific method. Some Atheistic Materialists will go so far as to say all that can be known is accessed through the physical world of sensation, therefore, there is no reason to believe in the supernatural.

‘Reason’ is simply an intellectual tool, rather than an ultimate standard of knowledge, and as such will be affected by the regenerate or unregenerate condition of the man using it

Van Til’s Apologetic, pg 146

How many times have you been told by an unbeliever in the midst of a debate: “Let’s be neutral”? As though taking a step back, breathing deeply, then exhaling will suddenly make things “neutral” and the unbeliever and Christian can get along epistemologically? The truth of the matter is that “neutrality” in the mind of an Atheistic Materialist is an assumed autonomy that is never argued for, it is merely accepted. Atheistic Materialists berate Christians for being irrational and demand we meet the standard of Rationality…as if Logic was supreme, above us and above God (if there is a God).

Reason is a method, not the standard of truth. A way of identifying valid or invalid arguments or thinking processes. In the sense that it is a way of measuring, you can say it is “neutral” if you simply mean “objective”…but our use of it certainly is not neutral. To presume knowledge can be accessed apart from Christ is a slap in His face. Neutrality, in this sense, is far from neutral: it is hostility and rebellion.

The kind of man who is doing the reasoning already determines something about the way in which he thinks about reason and engages in reasoning. Thus Van Til stated, ‘It is impossible to speak of the intellect per se, without taking into consideration whether it is the intellect of a regenerated person or of a non-regenerated person

Van Til’s Apologetic, pg 146

During your next exchange with an Atheistic Materialist who tells you that you’re irrational, and that the impetus is on you to meet the standard of rationality, you need to recognize he means “you need to meet my standards of autonomy”. He has certain beliefs about logic, about reasoning, and he utilizes his faculties in such a way that is controlled by other assumptions. No belief is held independent of another. Each belief is a principle networked among a web of others. We need to evaluate that “web”. It should be a bit clearer now that our Atheistic Materialists are not being neutral. They are, in fact, demanding you follow their bias…so we can’t simply argue brute facts (there’s no such thing), and we can’t discuss evidence as though everyone agrees about what constitutes evidence: We must evaluate the measure. Contrary to what those of the so-called “brights” persuasion may say, Atheists don’t go by evidence and Christian by faith (that is the so-called faith of irrationality we’re accused of)…rather, Atheists reject a certain kind of evidence and adopt a different kindwhether or not their evidence is valid is determined by the validity of their measure for what constitutes evidence.

This necessarily means that metaphysics must enter the arena of debate. For too long it has gone unspoken and the “neutral” position has been assumed to be a humanistic starting point rather the reference point of the Triune God.

Written by antipelagian

December 22, 2008 at 8:42 pm

Oooh, You Smell Like a Sexy Whopper

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By Velleitaire and Paleocrat
Dec. 21, 2008

Flame, the “newest” fragrance from Burger King (yes, Burger King), came out last Sunday. One wonders if it is a Christmas gimmick for stocking-stuffers.  So the next time you go out shopping for your special someone, don’t pass up a bottle of fragrance that “scent of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat.” I’ll bet the farm that you’ll have you sweetheart begging to take a bite out of you… no,  literally, they’ll probably start watering at the mouth for Angus burgers or flame-broiled Whoppers.

And at the low price of $3.99 who can resist?  Then again, you could buy a Whopper for  $2.39 and rub it all over your body. I’m sure that will turn some heads… belonging to hungry, fat people.

Well, the King may be on to something here. The old saying is that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Although I highly doubt that whoever said that was thinking about meat scented cologne.

But none of this should come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the Big Food. The industry has been in cahoots with the International Flavors & Fragrances company (IFF), the world’s largest flavor company, for years in hope of creating the perfect scent otherwise referred to as artificial flavoring.

Think about it for a moment. Why is it that you can identify a Big Mac from halfway across the room? Same goes for their fries. It all makes sense once one realizes that up to 90 percent of flavor is actually on account of the aroma. No wonder  fast food chains work so closely with the same companies that create the most popular colognes and perfumed. It keeps them coming back.

The real question, then, is why it took so long for one of the Big Food giants to come out with a line of body-spray. That was a huge oversight. They should have learned from the experiment where men chose Cinnabon as their favorite perfume fragrance.

While most people probably see this as amusing, I think of it more in terms of… immoral, atrocious, or perhaps, down right evil. Obviously, this is just another tactic for these companies to brainwash us. What do you predict you’ll think about when someone walks by you or gives you a hug and their practically wearing liquid Whopper on their body? These people will be walking, wonderfully smelling advertisements for fast food!

So the next time you think Burger King is intellectually incompetent, you might want to think again. Trust me, they know exactly what they are doing… and it’s downright scary. But hey, at least it smells tasty.

Written by velleitaire

December 21, 2008 at 9:55 pm

“Slut-erizer” Won Fuse’s Best Music Video 08

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By Aleebannister and Paleocrat
Dec. 20, 2008 

Public morality is down the drain, and most Americans are increasingly desensitized by the media. Television seems to be the biggest influence on what many consider morally acceptable. Take Britney Spears as an example. Not only is she still the most talked about celebrity in America, but her video for “Womanizer” recently won her Fuses’ Best Music Video of 2008. It would be one thing if it was just a bunch of judges from the music scene, but it wasn’t. It was by popular demand. The people voted on this one.

When I watched the video of “Womanizer”, which was the Director’s Cut on YouTube, I almost thought I was watching a porno. Britney Spears’ spends most of her time in the nude and is very provocative in her body language. Her style of clothing, when she is actually wearing some, is not much different than a hooker on Cherry St.

After watching this video I decided to find out what all the fuss was about. I know that a lot of it (most of it) had to do with her squirming around all oiled up, but I thought maybe the lyrics had some kind of value to them. What was she trying to tell people. At least in words.

I don’t think the person who wrote this song did a very good job. Maybe that is because I like lyrics to be more meaningful, or at least tell a story. Just take a look at the lyrics! It was either written by a bad writer, or maybe someone who knows how to write to an audience who could care less about quality songs.

The visual aspect of the video is just as bad, or maybe worse. I have heard many people argue that it is fine to be naked (or almost naked) in a music video or on television. Then they normally say, “as long as they don’t really ‘show anything.'” But does this make any sense? How can you be naked, or almost naked, and not “show anything”? These kind of images show a lot! They actually show way too much.

This whole thing is a slippery slope. Where do we draw the line? I can see where the partial nudity on today’s TV will be full nudity on tomorrow’s, but I don’t see where the people or politicians will stand up and say “enough smut!”.

Television is always pushing the boundaries. They did it with swear words and now they are doing it with nudity. The only possible excuse that I can think of is that the body is considered art. This is a bad excuse. Seeing sex scenes or provocative images adds nothing to the “art” of film. Nothing. There is no reasonable excuse for this kind of thing. None.

We need moral and intelligent people willing to look at the horrible effects this kind of perversion has on the viewing public, especially younger people. We ned parents who care about what their children watch and who most influences the way their kids think and behave.

How did we even get like this? Whose fault is it? I have a feeling that the answer is looking back at us every time we step in front of a mirror. Our own worst enemy is our only hope.

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