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Leaving the Realm of the “Have Nots”

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My Laptopasaurus Rex began showing the sure signs of extinction three weeks ago. First it decided to shut down for what appeared to be no apparent purpose. Then it stopped allowing me to get online. Worse yet, L Rex no longer recognized the drive used for the internet card.

In sum, the computer became little more than a glorified typewriter. I would type, save, listen to music, and watch DVDs. Oh, and I could play solitaire or pinball. Outside of these basic functions, the computer was relatively worthless.

So I bought a Mac. Figured that an elitist such as me ought to join the club of “haves” in the world of journalism and mass communication. I may even go full-blown arrogant and slap an Apple sticker on my Honda Element… well, not until I put an “I Love Latin Mass” sticker on my Mac.


Written by Paleocrat

November 27, 2008 at 12:34 pm

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