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My Wife and I Turn Six Today

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angi-cartoonIt is rare that I ever feel that unsettling sensation of being unable to put thoughts or feelings into words. I believe it has happened to me once or twice before, both times ranking up there with moments best forgotten. But not this time…

Words are a dime a dozen. Sounds and symbols, all meant to convey thoughts and emotions. The problem is that most emotions are well more than a dime a dozen. Most of them, at least for those dramatic souls like me, are worth a fortune, or at least they feel as if they do. Memories and the emotions that come along with them tend to be a hefty burden that no amount of words can alleviate.

So here I am… here we are. We turn six years old today.

It hasn’t been easy, but you can toss the blame in my corner. I’ve fallen time and time again. I’ve broken promises meant to be forever. I’ve failed to live up to those expectations one may rightly have of the person they’ve chosen to marry. Time and time again… the only constants are my inconstancy… and your relentless resilience.

But it has been six years. Six years of love, tragedy, happiness and despair. Some may call it six years of madness. Others may call it six years of life. I call it six years of us, better or worse, for all it means, and for all its worth.

I’ve never been good with words. I’m even worse with acting out what I try to convey with sound and symbol. So rather than banking on this post bearing any real significance, let me assume that the day-to-day routine, albeit bittersweet, speaks louder than words. Let our experiences, good, bad, or indifferent, whisper sweet assurances of our unending love and our unconditional commitment to see this through to our last breath. Then maybe, just maybe, the life we live will make up for the words I simply can’t string together…

Happy Six Year Anniversary,
Mr. Good, Bad, and Ugly


Written by Paleocrat

November 26, 2008 at 11:07 am

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  1. How sweet!

    It seems that you married rather young.

    Good luck in the future.


    May 4, 2009 at 8:14 pm

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