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For Want of Conviction the War was Lost

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It is often the little things that kill. Unfortunately, little things typically get overlooked. The old cause-and-effect story of a kingdom being lost on account of a nail falling from a horse’s hoof is rather appropriate. Were it not for what most consider a rather insignificant detail the empire would still be standing strong. But as the story goes, the domino-effect took place as one small setback created yet another until ending in the demise of a great people and vibrant kingdom.

This imagery came to mind as I perused a copy of Proposal 2, sent to me by my state senator. This particular proposal calls for increased deregulation of embryonic stem-cell research in the state of Michigan.

I do not wish here to deal with the traditional arguments against embryonic stem-cell research. Instead, I wish only to comment on what many on both sides of the issue may or may not recognize as the far-reaching ramifications of this particular proposal.

It is my contention that this proposal, while appearing rather modest, goes to the very core of the debate over abortion and abortifacient contraceptives.

On the one hand, arguing that embryonic stem-cell research is either morally neutral or should be restricted to a set number of pre-existing lines, the foundation of pro-life philosophy essentially disappears. If life is not sacred from the moment of conception, then one is left with the pro-choice crowd wishing to establish an arbitrary and unscientific stage of human development where mere tissue obtains what we would legally refer to as personhood.

On the other hand, if the pro-choice crowd concedes, as the proposal does, that stem cells would not be taken “from human embryos more than 14 days after cell division begins,” then pro-choice advocates will be left having to justify not only the rationale behind such an arbitrary decision, but also their continued advocacy of most all medical abortion. They’ll have to explain why they would permit the poisoning and dissection of babies who are well beyond 14 days after the point where cell division begins. In sum, why restrict experimentation on babies that they are already more than willing to deprive of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without due process of law, going so far as to inflict upon them what is nothing less than the most cruel and unusual of punishments? Their line of logic would place these poor innocent souls within the scope of their scalpel, making them prime candidates for such experimentation.

In either case, the vote will have far-reaching affects on the way the abortion and contraception debate is framed. Does either side fully understand the full reach of their position on this “modest” proposal? I highly doubt it. But as I said in this beginning of this post, the little things are all too often overlooked. The question, then, is what philosophy these “little things” will kill.


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