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Palin Kisses Public Trust Goodbye

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Kissing Character Goodbye

What's the different between a pit bull with lipstick and Sarah Palin? A guilty verdict.


Unlawful Abuse of Power

Not to worry. Character, integrity, and public trust mean very little anymore. And rest assured that the spin-doctors will create some hysterical story about partisan motives, employing Hannity-like slogans such as “smear machine” and to repeat ad nauseam that “they are out to destroy this innocent woman’s life.”

The real key, though, is whether or not the myth-makers can pin this bi-partisan commission the Palins were originally willing to work with connected to terrorists. Al Qaeda would be great… but Bill Ayers may do just fine.

SIDE NOTE: Even Todd is found guilty of being in on the dirty business! Just your typical American family…


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