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  1. Dear Paleocrat,
    I am a Czech citizen, traditional Catholic, homeschooling father of seven. I am thrilled by your radio program and I want to thank you also for interviewing John Medialle. It is very important that we start to listening to other voices in the realm of economy than are those coming from the Big Brother media. May I give you a suggestion to make n interview with two other people that are very knowledgeable in this areas but are not known to the broader public? The first is Dr. Peter Chojnowski (I can give you his e-mail if you write me back in private), who teaches philosophy and is one of the leading experts on distributism. he had a very good article on the current financial mess in Catholic Family News (the article is on-line, check it up). The other person writes for The Remnant and his name is Timothy Cullen. In the last issue (September 30) he has a good piece titled “Demystifying the Dismal Science”.
    God bless and keep the great work!

    Michal Semin

    October 9, 2008 at 4:09 am

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