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Seeing Ourselves Through the Enemy’s Eyes

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Americans may find it difficult to believe that Osama bin Laden and the traditional Islam he represents hate us for any reason other than for our freedoms. Many would have it that these orthodox Muslims stumbled upon our bill of rights and went into a foaming frenzy. The problem, of course, is that this understanding of bin Laden and his Mohammedan cohorts is about as accurate as the Puckle muzzle loader. While a cursory glance over the writings contained in The al Qaeda Reader would diffuse such gross misconceptions, the vast majority of Americans would prefer prejudicial conjecture.

In a recent video by American-born al Qaeda member Adam Gadahn demonstrates once again that those we oppose are brighter than we may wish them to be. As predicted years ago by the Mohammedans, America’s imperial impulses would push us to economic collapse. While their belief that it is ultimately the result of our disobedience to Sharia should be tossed to the wind, there is a point to be taken from Gadahn’s remarks. In fact, I would stress that the contributing factors acknowledged by Gadahn have been those stressed by distributists, paleoconservatives, libertarians, and non-interventionists on the left for some time. His having parroted what these groups have been saying for some time, and with dreadful accuracy, should give neoconservatives and those wrapping themselves in Americanism reason for pause.

When discussing what he believes to be evidence of the beginning of the end of the American empire, he cites the economic crisis we are currently experiencing as case-in-point. Like bin Laden, Gadahn believes that we the American empire will collapse on itself. The primary factors contributing to our demise, apart from our disobedience to their god and his law, would be interest bearing transactions (usury), exploitation, as well as greed and injustice in all its forms.

Sadly, one wouldn’t have to be a “blame America firster” to see the accuracy of this portion of his indictment. Usury is run-of-the-mill. One could say that it is the life-breath of our financial system. Exploitation of people groups, especially women and the poor, is rampant. Greed has taken over both Wall Street and Main Street. Consumerism, commercialism, and debt/deficit spending is the way of the day. Injustice towards the poor, the pre-born, and minorities has spread like a disease. Each and every one of these fit the bill of the American empire.

None of this is to say that Gadahn is correct in how these grave evils must be remedied. Far from it! Sharia may fit well alongside British law, but not in the U.S.A. What this does go to show us, though, is that while their remedy may be absurd, their diagnosis is nevertheless right on the mark. As distributists, as paleoconservatives, as Americans we need to be willing not only to accurately know our enemy, but to see ourselves as we really are. In this case, we are in bad, bad shape.


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  1. I’ll drink to that! One should know thyself and know thine enemy truly.


    October 5, 2008 at 11:07 am

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