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McBama: The Debate of the Donkephants

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The first televised debate between John McCain and Barack Obama was about as exciting as watching molasses run down the pine in mid-winter. It was loaded with sloppy sloganeering, pre-scripted wisecracks, and a seemingly endless number of awkward smiles from John McCain after having been called a liar, albeit in a manner that sounded more like a pillow fight than a smack across the face.

But while there were few (and let me stress few) real disagreements hashed out in the debate, what stuck out to me was just how much the two of them have in common. This is particularly true regarding the notion of American imperialism and the country’s divine right to play the part of Globo-Cop. The theatre of combat may change, at least in so far as emphasis is concerned, but the philosophical underpinnings of military interventionism is no less a reality in Obama than McCain.

Viewers were given the pleasure of taking an ideological trip on the War Hawk Express. Whether it concerned Russia’s so-called unprovoked and illegal aggression, the need to incorporate Georgia and Ukraine into NATO, the need to extend U.S. militarization, or the necessity of America playing the part of the sole global superpower, both of these men saw eye-to-eye. Imperialists through-and-through, neither wished to return to a humble foreign policy, or even a moderately arrogant foreign policy. The goal isn’t change in philosophy, but window dressing.

I presume that mastering the art of reading what isn’t there would be required to see those subtle differences they claim to be so very clear. This apparently leaves those of us who see things as they are in a constant sense of bewilderment, scratching our head in confusion as to why we simply cannot see what ought to be so evident. It may be much like those pictures requiring one to cross their eyes in order to see a hidden image. My fear, though, would be that the hidden image is even worse than the two donkephants rambling on about disagreements they simply don’t have.


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  2. I agree, the debate was awful, I thought it was funny when JM told everybody about the bracelet and then Obama was like “I have a bracelet too”


    October 2, 2008 at 11:21 am

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