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Myth-busting McCain’s Lobby-buster Rhetoric

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The last few weeks have been chalked-full of rhetoric surrounding the influence lobbyists have on America. John McCain and Sarah Palin are consistent in their denouncing the influence lobbyists have on the legislative process. Were one to listen carefully, their statements may sound an awful lot like the distant echoes coming from Mr. Trustbuster, Teddy Roosevelt. It is all too unfortunate that their pontifications turn out being little more than political huff-puffery.

Take a peek into the campaign team and judge for yourself:

1. McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis, was paid $640,000 to lobby the federal government on behalf of Verizon. This took place not long after he finished working with McCain on his first bid at the Whitehouse in 2000. Verizon played it smart, for they not only hired a man who worked with McCain, but focused much of their efforts on projects that would have gone through the Senate Commerce Committee, the very committee that McCain just so happened to head up for the lion’s share of the time Davis stumped for them. The contract between Davis and Verizon eventually came to an end, but not until McCain had given up the chairmanship.

2. Christian Ferry, McCain’s Deputy Campaign Manager, was buddy chums with Davis, working alongside him from 2003-2005 as a representative for SBC and Verizon.

3. Thomas Loeffler, McCain’s campaign co-chair, is the founder, chairman, and senior partner of the Loeffler Group. He successfully lobbied for EADS in securing funds for an Air Force deal.

4. The man worth $1,080,000 is John Green, McCain’s congressional liaison. Green represents the beauty and splendor of Big Lobby. Mr. Moneybags is the co-founder and manager of Ogilvy Government Relations, which just so happens to be one of Washington’s most powerful lobby firms. He, too, lobbied with EADS. In a strike of good luck, McCain was involved in that entire affair, and even pushed for incorporating EADS into the bidding for a contract concerning new tankers for the US Air Force. Never mind the “keep jobs at home” rhetoric he employs while speaking to people living in states hit hard by economic bad times, this particular group is based in Europe.

5. I would be amiss to overlook David Crane, McCain’s senior policy advisor. This fellow is the president of Quadripoint, was the vice president of both Global USA andThe Washington Group. His clientele is a who’s who of American finance.

I will spare you the details of other McCain higher-ups like Wayne Burman, Susan Nelson, and Charlie Black. There comes a point when enough is enough. But my hope is that you begin to see that there is often more than meets the eye. In the case of McCain’s rhetoric and lobbyist-riddled staff it may be more appropriate to say that there is often more than meets the ear. Yes, that is more fitting…


Written by Paleocrat

September 7, 2008 at 5:21 pm

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